American soccer history is a century deep. Dive in with a Pothunting throwback US soccer shirt. Whether it's the American Soccer League, the NASL, the ASL, or US Soccer clubs from 1880 to 1990, World Cup 1930, World Cup 1934, World Cup 1950, Pothunting has retro US soccer shirt for it. Our classic US soccer jerseys honor some of the greatest clubs in the history of the sport. Bert Patenaude, Archie Stark, Joe Gaetjens, Alex Wood, Pele, Chinaglia, McBride, Harkes, Lalas, Wynalda, MLS, North American Soccer League, Chicago Soccer history, American soccer history, St. Louis soccer history, New England soccer history, United States Soccer, US Soccer, California Soccer history, Cascadia soccer history, New York soccer history. New York Brookhattan, Bethlehem Steel, Fall River Marksmen, US Open Cup, National Challenge Cup, Billy Gonsalves, Tom Florie, Thomas Swords, Providence Clamdiggers. LA Aztecs, Golden Gate Gales, San Francisco soccer. US Soccer shirts, USMNT shirts, Chicago soccer shirts, Philadelphia soccer shirts, New York soccer history, New England soccer history. American football.

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